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Caring for Plants in Your Home

Growing plants in your home is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits for your home. Beyond adding color and variety to your house, they also provide tangible benefits such as purifying your homes air, creating a cooling effect, and by providing floral beauty, occasional fruits or seeds. Whether growing a full outdoor garden or growing them in pots, there is a specific process to follow to ensure that your plants will thrive in your home. Here are some basic plant care tips from your friends at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.


Know your plant-

It is important that you have a full understanding of the water, soil and container needs of the type of plant you are growing. Different plant species have different requirements for sunlight, water, soil and nutrients. Some plants prefer to be root bound and are great for growing in pots, while others prefer to have room for its roots to spread out in a larger pot. Knowing the unique needs of your plant will help you provide the best growing conditions for it.

Use the right soil-

Your soil should have the right characteristics for your plant to thrive. Characteristics of soil such as the amount of minerals, ability to hold water, and coarseness all have an effect on your plant’s chances of survival and growth. Specific plants need specific types of soil and it is important to use the soil that is appropriate for your plant’s needs. You might also need to fertilize it from time to time, especially for soil of potted plants as they have no other way of obtaining the nutrients that they need.

Water your plant properly-

One of the most common mistakes of planters everywhere is engaging in the wrong watering technique for the specific plant. A lot of plants die because they are either underwatered or overwatered. When applying water to your plants, wet the soil instead of the plant itself or the leaves. You know that you’ve applied enough water when the soil is already moist. The frequency of watering depends on the type of plant you are growing. Most plants prefer to be watered one to two times per week just until the soil is moist. Never let your plant sit in stagnant water as the roots will rot and the plant will die very quickly.

Trim periodically-

The benefits of trimming your plant actually goes beyond cosmetic considerations. Trimming, especially if it is done correctly, will help your plant thrive. Cutting off dying branches or buds will help facilitate new growth, which will help your plant bloom. Trimming will also regulate the growth of your plant, preventing it from occupying too much space which might hinder its growth, as well as of other plants in your yard. Trimming will also ensure that all parts of your plant will receive enough sunlight.

Growing plants in your home is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. Aside from being a great means to use up idle time and relieve stress, plants can also be the perfect gifts to your loved ones. However, one must be reminded that plants are living things too, and must be given the best care possible.

We hope that you use these plant care tips to ensure that your plant stays healthy for the rest of its life. We here at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts. have many different types of plants available for your home or for gifts for the people you love. You can view them on our website at under the Plants section.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Flowers to Buy on Veterans Day?

Veterans are among the most respected people in the USA. They defended our country against all threats, and some even at the cost of losing their limbs or lives. For that reason alone, they deserve our respect. We celebrate Veterans Day to recognize their heroics and to let all Veterans know how much we appreciate their sacrifices. While there are many ways to say thanks to them, one of the best ways to do it is by giving the Veterans in your life flowers.

What flowers should you buy on Veterans Day? Here are some of the traditional best-sellers during this occasion here at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts and why they are so popular.

White Lily

The white Lily is a classic when it comes to Veterans Day celebrations. This flower symbolizes sympathy and appreciation, two emotions that are being expressed and commemorated during this day. Its pure white color and proud stance is also a symbolism to the courage, purity, and integrity of the American soldier. Lastly, its white color serves as a perfect complement to any themed bouquet. The Lily is a must-have when giving flowers to a Veteran in your life.

Red Rose

The red Rose may be identified best with Valentine’s Day, but it is also considered as a flower that is synonymous to Veterans Day. Its bright red color symbolizes the passion and courage of the American soldier. Its redness is also both brave and bold, something that accurately describes our troops. It is also synonymous to love, so it is the perfect flower to give if you want to show how much you care. This flower is a must-have to add much-needed red hues to your flower arrangement.


Hydrangea is one of the rare flowers that are in the shade of blue when in full bloom. Its rich colors symbolizes the patriotism and love for justice of the American soldier. It also symbolizes the strength of the American spirit which the soldiers showed thru their actions in battle. Add Hydrangea to your bouquet to create that red, white, and blue motif that perfectly symbolizes Veterans Day!


A Veterans Day flower offering is not complete without Poppies. Considered as the quintessential flower for Veterans Day, it is traditionally given to American soldiers both living and dead as commemoration for their contributions to the national cause. Its popularity is rooted to a famous World War I poem “Flanders Fields”, where it was mentioned that Poppies are the first flowers to grow from the soil of soldiers’ graves. Since then, the Poppy has become symbolic of the cause of Veterans.

Veterans Day is the best time to show your appreciation to the men and women who served our country via military service. If you want to give them flowers, Fiesta Flowers is your best source. With a combined 30+ years of experience in the industry, we provide our clients with the freshest and timeliest flowers and bouquets your money can buy. Our expert florists will help arrange flowers according to your preferences, using only the most beautiful and freshest flowers for the job. Visit us today so we can assist you in creating the best gift for the Veterans in your life!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

“Petal It Forward” with Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts

Today’s fast paced way of life has created a society of highly stressed individuals who always find themselves under pressure regardless of how hard they work. However, this is nothing that a beautiful bouquet of flowers can’t cure, even if for a brief moment.

Receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers is bound to have just about anyone feeling happier about themselves and their day.

According to scientific research findings, a beautiful bouquet of flowers not only helps you feel happier but also has a positive effect on social behavior. This is exactly why Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts is proud to be participating in this year’s “Petal It Forward” event to be held on October 24th!

What Is “Petal It Forward”?

If you are wondering what this event is all about, read on to learn more.

Petal It Forward is a nationwide event aimed at spreading cheer in local communities, spearheaded by the Society of American Florists. Having started as simple promotional event back in the year 2015, it has recorded growing participation in the last couple of years. Last year’s event brought together more than 500 local events across 467 cities in the US and Canada.

This event has changed from simply being a means by which local florists can promote their operations, to bringing together the entire industry and community in a day of spreading happiness and cheer.

How It Works

Now that you have an idea of what this event is, let’s look at how it actually spreads the cheer and brings the community together.

One way participating Florists participate is by sending their staff out onto the streets with bouquets of flowers. The employees hand out two free bouquets to passers-by. One is meant to be kept by the recipient while the extra one is to be given out to a friend, colleague or loved one. This creates a butterfly effect that ensures that the happiness and excitement surrounding the event and the joy of receiving flowers spreads to the indirect recipients of the flowers as well.

Another way participating Florists like, Fiesta Flowers, engage in this fun promotion is by offering a free flower bouquet to anyone who purchases off of their website or in the store. When this happens, we will also send a free bouquet to be given to another person by the recipient who received the flowers ordered. Or if a bouquet is purchased in the shop, another free bouquet will be given to the purchaser so that they are able to pass it on to another person as well.

What better way to spread the cheer than by ensuring that the direct recipients of the flowers can feel even happier and more satisfied by getting them involved in the process of giving.

A social media hashtag #petalitforward is also available; where recipients share their feelings about receiving and giving out free flowers.

Givers Feel Better

Giving out free flowers without expecting anything in return always feels great. There’s no better reward for all businesses and employees involved than to have their free gifts received with open arms. If you do meet our teams on the streets, do your part to spread the cheer by happily accepting their gift to you.

Get The Community Feeling Happier

Any local business that appreciates their customers always aims to give back to the community, Petal It Forward not only helps local florists spread some happiness in their local community, but also gets everyone involved in the act of giving, making it a community affair.

This year’s nationwide Petal It Forward event will be happening on Wednesday the 24th of October; mark this date, and join Fiesta Flowers in Tempe in spreading the happiness in our community. We LOVE flowers and truly can’t wait to spread joy and happiness around our community with flowers!

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Which Flowers Are In Bloom in Autumn?

One of the important considerations when selecting flowers to give for a particular occasion is whether the flowers are in season and in bloom. When a specific flower or plant is in season, they are plentiful and therefore less expensive. Even better, these flowers are at their peak of freshness, meaning longer lasting blooms at their most beautiful and vibrant . Because of this, opting for flowers that are in bloom is always a smart choice if you’re looking to brighten someone's day. So which flowers are in bloom in Autumn?



The crocus is a very popular bulb during the Autumn months. During the Fall, their bright white, red, pink or purplish-blue flowers sprout out, providing much-needed color to any garden or flower arrangement. Because Crocus colors and shape stand out, yet have shorter stems, the crocus flower is perfect for low and compact floral designs featured in a low cube or cylinder vase.


Considered by many as among the most elegant flowers out there, the Gladiolus is one of the most stunning flowers in bloom during the Fall months. They come in many gorgeous colors such as white, red, yellow, pink, coral, green and a rich deep, dark purple. The Gladiolus flowers open wide, perfectly complemented with tall stems that curve at a lovely angle. Even better, these flowers are exceptionally fragrant. Gladiolus is an absolute treat for the senses.


Lavender is popular all year round flower due to its ease in drying. However, this flower is at its absolute best during the months of Autumn. It can grow tall stems that hold long clusters of fragrant flowers. Its light purple color is also very distinctive, and can stand out in just about any garden or flower arrangement. Lavender is a wonderfully scented flower in bloom during Autumn that is hard to miss.


The Chrysanthemum is considered by many as their favorite Autumn flower. Also known simply as Mums, its flowers can be found in many vibrant colors. However, it is most commonly seen in shades of white, lavender, purple, red, orange, and yellow. There are also multiple forms of this flower. Mums come in many shapes and styles...there are Daisy’s with their yellow/green centers, Button Mums that are small and compact like a button, Cushion Mums which have multiple sprays of petals and Fuji Mums or also called Spider Mums that have many spiky petals shooting forth from the center. With its positive and cheerful vibes, the Chrysanthemum flower, in all of its shapes and forms, is the perfect flower during Fall.


Also known as the coneflower, Echinacea is a very popular flower in bloom during the Fall season. Growing from perennials that stay in bloom almost the whole year round, its flowers open wide, providing brightness to any garden or flower arrangement. Its flowers are usually pink or purple, with both its petals and center standing out effortlessly.

Are you looking for flowers for that special occasion? Fiesta Flowers have a complete list of flowers that are in bloom during the Autumn season. Our professional team of Florists can design the most stunning array of bouquets for any purpose. Check out our Autumn category on our website today!

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with Flowers

National Good Neighbor Day was created by Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana back in the early 1970s. It’s described as a day for connecting with and recognizing the importance of having good neighbors. During President Jimmy Carter’s terms, he signed a proclamation that established the celebration of the National Good Neighbor Day on September 24, 1978. It’s a tradition that should be marked with appropriate activities and ceremonies.

Currently, this national holiday is held every September 28th but whatever date or day it falls, this is a time for appreciation of the people that makes up the community and the contributions that each individual makes. And one element that plays an important role during the celebration of this tradition is giving flowers.

But how do we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with flowers? Here are some suggestions from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.

Bring Them Flowers

Flowers bring smiles and that’s a well-known fact. Nothing shows affection or appreciation more than giving a bouquet of blooms. National Good Neighbor Day is the perfect time if you haven’t talked to your neighbors for a long time. Pick up a few cheerful flowers, give them a nice arrangement, and pay your neighbor a short visit. This visit can turn into a nice conversation over tea and voila! You’ve reconnected without too much effort. You will be surprised at what flowers can do to change someone’s mood.

Welcoming New Residents

A new neighbor is like a new member of the family. We’ve all been in that situation before. Being new to the neighborhood can be exciting because you get to meet new people, but it can also be a bit stressful. Why not make it easier by welcoming new residents with a bouquet of flowers? Make them feel more comfortable and welcome in their new location by bringing them a gift of flowers. Flowers are traditionally used for welcoming people coming from a different place. Pick seasonal or local blooms to make the introduction even more memorable.

Hosting an Open House

Maybe you have been so busy lately that you haven’t talked to your neighbors these the past few months. Or maybe you’re the new resident in the neighborhood and would like to connect with your new neighbors. This can be the perfect time to host a small gathering or an open house. Write or print invitations and give them to your neighbors. In preparation for this wonderful mini-event, you can decorate your home with lovely flowers that are in bloom in that season. Why not go for a potluck and have your neighbors cook and bring over their favorite recipes? The flower decorations might even turn into conversational pieces. It is difficult to resist a flower’s fragrance and beauty.

Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day can be made more meaningful if you put in just a little creativity and effort. Flowers make it even easier to connect with your neighbors and build or strengthen relationships. For some inspiration on which flowers to choose for your bouquets and arrangements, check out our website where we feature a plethora of custom arrangements made right here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fire Prevention Tips When Decorating with Flowers

Whatever the season is, there are flowers to decorate your home with and Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts have the perfect flowers for your decorating needs. Spring is best represented with Daffodils, Tulips, and Lilies. Marigolds, Dahlias, and Daisies are the flowers of summer. The colorful autumn gives birth to Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and Sunflowers. The traditional reds and greens of Poinsettias and Roses adorn our homes during the Winter.

Beautiful as they are, flowers must be designed artistically to make them even more attractive. We recommend putting floral arrangements all around your house so that they can be enjoyed in any room you decide to be in. Unfortunately, putting them in the wrong places can turn them into fire hazards. In line with the Fire Prevention Week which runs from October 8 to 14, Fiesta Flowers would like to share a few tips on how to decorate your house with flowers and keep it safe from fires at the same time.

Flowers and Candles Don’t Go Together

Well, at least not near each other. It’s very tempting to mix and match the colors and scents of flowers with decorative and scented candles. Combined, they add sparkle and warmth to the living room or any area in your home. But as a rule of thumb, keep them apart. A small accident or a gust of wind can set your flower arrangement aflame and the fire can spread quickly. Keep your flowers on one table and your lit candles on another.

Keep Them Off the Heat, Too

The chilly months of Autumn and Winter beckon you to turn the heat on. It can be that good old wood-fed fireplace or its modern counterpart, the gas fireplace or electric heater. Whichever you use to push the temperature up, keep it away from your flowers. That flower vase may look pretty near the hearth but a small ember can make it go up in flames and the heat will make the flowers wilt in a very short amount of time. Even the space heater can cause flowers to dry up and spark. Put the vase on top of the mantle instead. The idea is to move flowers away from any heating element.

Safety During the Holidays

Christmas is a time for being merry. Don’t spoil that merriment with fire accidents that can be easily prevented. For some people, having the biggest Christmas tree that can fit inside the house is a must. However, care should be taken in the placement of the tree. It should not block any entrance or exit and keep it at least 3 feet away from a heat source. Christmas lights are common fire hazards, too. Check the brand and make sure that they are certified by a testing laboratory and don’t forget to turn them off before retiring at night. If you prefer a natural tree over plastic, keep it watered to prevent it from getting brittle and even more flammable.

Decorating the house with plants and flowers doesn’t mean you’ll have to forget about safety. Make it a fun and safe experience by following the tips mentioned above. Never sacrifice safety over an Instagram-worthy selfie. And if you’re looking for fresh flowers and plants, check out Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October Anniversary Flowers: Show Your Love and Affection

Affection should be shown any time of the year. While that is very much true, there are some days where sharing the love is done best. One such occasion is an Anniversary. Whether it is your own Anniversary or the Anniversary of someone dear to you (IE: your parents), giving flowers is a wonderful way to show that you care.

Each Anniversary is considered a milestone, so it is very appropriate to give flowers to express your love for that day. Here is your ultimate guide to October Anniversary flowers, as shared by your friends here at Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts.


There are different ways to use flowers for an Anniversary. The most common way to do it is to give them as a gift. Your favorite flowers can be arranged in a vase or choose to send a lovely designed bouquet in a basket. Another way to use flowers for Anniversaries is to use them as decorations for setting up the ultimate Anniversary celebration.

You can choose just one specific type of flower, such as a Rose, or use multiple flowers to create that amazing Anniversary gift. You can also choose from pre-made bouquets or you be more creative and specify how you’d like the flowers to be arranged. Your options are virtually limitless when it comes to flowers.

What flowers can you use in the event of an Anniversary? There is actually no hard and fast rule when it comes to that. The most common approach is to use flowers that the celebrants like. If they don’t have favorite flowers, choosing flowers in their favorite colors is a great way to go.

Choosing flowers that are specifically in bloom in that particular time of the year is a smart option as well. There are flowers that grow during the Fall season, and they look spectacular when they are combined together. Talk with your florist about what flowers are available in season for the upcoming celebration.

Even when the Anniversary is in the future, it is highly recommended that you order flowers in advance. Obtaining specific flowers and designing the perfect flower arrangement(s) takes time and skill to create artistically designed arrangements, especially for the more complex ones. We here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts can accept rush jobs, however, the flowers available for immediate use may be limited.

Plus, there is always the outside chance that something might not be available. Because of this, we highly recommend that you order your flowers well in advance. This way, you are ensured that your orders arrive when you need them.

If you are looking for a shop in Arizona that will provide you with the freshest October Anniversary flowers, you cannot go wrong with choosing Fiesta Flowers. We are one of the leaders in the industry, serving thousands of clients all over the state for 14 years and counting.

We use only the best flowers freshly sourced and in-season. They are then arranged by our expert Designers with a vast 30 years combined experience in designing the perfect arrangements for different occasions. Show that you care with flowers. Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts will help complete your October Anniversary celebration beautifully and with ease.

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