Thursday, December 6, 2018

5 Festive Christmas Table Flower Ideas

It’s that time of year again when family and friends get together to share in the Christmas festivities. If you’re looking for ways to make your decor truly special this season, the hard working elves of Fiesta Flowers have rounded up some floral centerpiece ideas that you can try at home. Whether your style is modern, trendy, or classic, here are 5 flower ideas to dress up your Christmas table.

Winter Wonderland

Christmas is all about adding sparkle to everything in your home — including your holiday table. White Garden Roses and Holly give this floral arrangement the classic touch. Combine various metallic elements like silver pinecones,  dusty miller plant, and copper accessories to add a luxurious look to this bouquet. Place the arrangement in a geometric terrarium to create a Christmas showstopper at your Christmas buffet.


Santa’s Dinner Table

Although roses are more famous for being the go-to flowers for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine them with other blooms to create a floral centerpiece beautiful enough to grace Santa’s dinner table. Bunch together red Roses with white Lilies to create a candy cane color palette. Juniper gives this floral arrangement extra foliage. Don’t forget to throw in a couple of sprigs of Hypericum Berries for good measure before placing your bouquet in a clear rectangular vase.


Yuletide Cheer

Spread yuletide cheer with this simple and yet elegant floral centerpiece that will warm up the Scrooge in your life. In this floral arrangement, Poinsettias take center stage as the classic Christmas flower. Together with white Tulips and baby Eucalyptus, you get a color palette that is quintessentially Christmas. Use a tall gold-lined vase for this bouquet to add a touch of class to your holiday table.


Christmas in the Tropics

Here at Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts, we like to play around with unusual elements to create unique floral gifts that will “wow” our clients with discerning taste. If you’re leaning toward wild and exotic this year, using red Aranthera Orchids in your Christmas floral centerpiece will make your guests feel like they’re celebrating the holidays in the tropics. Arrange white Roses and Sea Star Ferns around the Orchids to complete the Christmas color palette. If Orchids aren’t available, Anthurium is a wonderful substitue. Don’t forget to arrange the bouquet in a clay or stone vase to make your blooms stand out.


White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Then let this unique floral centerpiece be the talk of the town at your next holiday get-together. White Spray Roses and Silver Brunia Berries act as the focal point of this floral arrangement. Snowy white Dusty Miller leaves give this bouquet serious winter feels. Eucalyptus leaves in sage green add depth to the bouquet. Remember to use a silver metallic tin to complete your white Christmas dinner table look.

We hope that you were able to get some inspiration for dressing up your holiday table this year. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different blooms and decorative elements to create your very own holiday floral arrangement. If you need a professional florist to decorate your Christmas table, feel free to reach out. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Perfect Flowers for the New Year

Poinsettias, Mistletoe, and Holly have done their job of adding sparkle to your Christmas celebrations. It’s now time to visit Fiesta Flowers for a wide range of stunning blooms that will help you usher in the New Year.

If you are planning to host a New Year’s party, there’s nothing like flowers to add spice to your celebration. Or, if you are thinking of what to bring to a friend’s party besides a bottle of Pinot Noir and your best casserole, why not consider a gorgeous floral arrangement that shouts, “Here’s to a fresh start!”

Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts provides many different types of flowers for decorating your home or giving away to friends.


Roses never fail to accentuate all the positive emotions that go with any celebration, New Year’s Day included. A bouquet of red and white Roses as a table centerpiece is a perfect way of letting the promise of a love-filled new year into your home.


Daffodils, the birth flower of December, bloom in January. Any feng shui master would say that the Daffodils’ lovely and bright colors attract prosperity and good luck, which also make them a must-have decoration when the Chinese New Year comes around. Their fragrance heightens the festive mood in any room. And their trumpet-like shape seems to play fanfare in heralding the arrival of the New Year.


The spread petals of Lilies are reminiscent of fireworks or the spray of champagne — the stuff that New Year’s Eve celebrations are made of.

White Lilies are also among the most popular blooms to send to a loved one at the start of the year.


Carnations are the birth flower of January and are therefore associated with new beginnings and new ventures. When arranged in a bouquet, they take the shape of a balloon, which adds to your party’s festive mood.

If you are celebrating New Year with a particular party theme, you may have your Carnations dyed a color that would match your decor.


Azaleas are so rare in winter, which makes them precious and classic gifts for the holidays. Azaleas are regarded as good-luck charms. They come in various bright colors and putting them in several vases around the house will spread great cheer among your guests as you enjoy great food and wonderful conversation.

These are just some of the flowers to pick up from Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts. They’d be happy to create a spectacular arrangement sure to delight your friends and guests. And if you’re sending them as gifts, they will fancify your bouquets with pretty party straws, stickers, champagne corks, etc. for that decorative personal touch.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Lucky Plants and Flowers to Buy for the New Year

The thoughts that come with the New Year: new beginning, new ventures, new targets, higher expectations, endless opportunities and, of course, life’s uncertainties.

So, in case Jupiter, the light that shows the way to growth, prosperity, and all things epic, is influencing your planet in a not-so-positive way, there will always be ways to welcome more luck into your life.

Plants and flowers are among the best gifts for wishing you and your loved ones good luck. Greenery attracts love, health, and wealth. Feng Shui experts recognize the value of plants and flowers for their function and practicality: to bring good luck into your home by providing good circulation and good vibes in your rooms.


Consider the following plants and blooms from Fiesta Flowers to help you welcome a prosperous New Year:


  • Jade Plant

The jade plant is a medium-sized plant that’s known to attract wealth and prosperity. The logical area to place a Jade plant is your home office, where you do business.

Feng Shui also suggests placing Jade plants on your porch or entryway. This is a surefire way to welcome success into your home.


  • Lucky Bamboo

For thousands of years, Lucky Bamboo have been associated with happiness, health, love, and wealth. Feng Shui consultants are very particular about arrangement though: the more stalks, the more good luck and blessings the plant would bring. They are best placed in the east of the house to strengthen family bonds and in the southeast to attract wealth.

Bamboo are easy to care for, which makes them great gifts for almost everyone.


  • Money Tree

The Money Tree is one of the most popular Feng Shui products. It is easily recognizable for its braided or intertwined trunk. Any Feng Shui enthusiast would have a money tree in their home for luck and prosperity. It is best placed in your home office to usher in lucrative business.


  • Orchids

Orchids are more than just exquisite ornaments. They are known to bring good love fortune. They increase your chances of finding a romantic partner or improving your current relationship.


  • Palms

Palms are used to replace missing Feng Shui elements in a room. They are known to attract positive chi or good energy. For practical reasons, Palms make for an ideal room divider for their relatively big size. It also helps bring in that breezy, tropical feel in your home or workplace.


  • Peace Lilies

Their immaculate white flower color helps relieve stress and creates a calming effect in any room. Having Peace Lilies at home or on your office desk brings the positive effects of tranquility and good will. They look amazing on their own or when arranged with several other blooms.


  • Rubber Plant

Rubber plants, like the jade plants, are best placed in your entryway. Feng Shui practitioners say that the plant’s round leaves represent money. Therefore, they are best placed near your entrance door.


  • Snake Plants

The strong protective energy that Snake plants bring helps protect you from negative chi; but you cannot place your Snake plants just  anywhere. A Feng Shui master will tell you the ideal areas in your home or workplace to place the Snake plant for it to work wonders….an area less frequented by people is an ideal place.


  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers will light up any room. They project a feeling of safety. A few tall stalks arranged in a simple vase are known to bring good luck.

The best way to face the New Year is with a positive attitude. And what could uplift your spirit more than a full bouquet of flowers or a neatly potted plant!?  Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts helps spread the positivity with choices in all shapes and sizes.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Winter Centerpieces That Catch Guests Eyes

Winter is that special time of the year that often calls for many cozy indoor meals with family and friends. Make sure that your centerpiece appropriately matches the winter aesthetics  to add color and beauty to your festivities.

To help you out, below are 10 perfect winter centerpiece ideas from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts. Each one with its own unique style and just apt for the season.

  1. Deluxe Classic Rose (R-1703)

Red and white are the essentials of a classic winter-themed arrangement. Decorate a counter or buffett table table with this traditional arrangement of Premium Long Stem Roses, Carnations, and a touch of Italian Ruscus. The piece shows that simplicity and class are the key to an excellent winter dining experience.

  1. Blue, White, & Purple elegance Centerpiece (IF-832)

Make a chic and elegant statement with this centerpiece. An arrangement of Oriental Lilies and Delphinium with the accents of White Roses, Carnations, Statice, and Italian Ruscus can turn an uninteresting table into an eye-catching winterized one.

  1. Blue and White Elegance (L-1232)

A table decorated with a centerpiece of blue and white Delphinium, Roses, and Curly Willow certainly matches with the season’s vibe with its cool winter colors.

  1. White Spectacular Tribute (L-1225)

Bring the cozy spirit of winter into your home with this combination of classic light colors. The snowy silver and white combinations of Roses, Asiatic Lilies, Mums, Monte Aster, and Alstroemeria evoke a homey atmosphere that’s both warm and welcoming.

  1. Holiday Compote (H-7028)

Create a tables setting that glows with holiday cheer and warmth using the beautiful arrangement with a Champagne Gold candle, Christmas Greens, White Roses, Mini-Carnations and a Holiday ribbon. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a lively and colorful winter dining experience.

  1. Red & White Crystal Compote Centerpiece (L-1218)

Decorate the table with a gorgeous Crystal keepsake compote centerpiece of Premium red and white Roses, Oriental Stargazer Lilies, and an accent of assorted greens to make mealtime memories more unforgettable .

  1. Ho Ho Cylinder (H-7030)

Perch a bold and colorful winter centerpiece of Roses, Christmas greens, Pine Cones, and Mums to bring a more traditional feeling into your dinners. The mums add just the right amount of contrast, keeping things from appearing dull.

  1. Silver Christmas Centerpiece with Candle (H-7036)

For a timeless and stunning winter impression, let the centerpiece of a silver taper candle, Seeded Eucalyptus, and assorted Holiday Greens turn the dining room into a winter wonderland.

  1. Home for the Holidays Cube (H-7023)

The combination of white Roses, green Hypericum Berry, Athos, Carnations, and the earthy shades of Pine Cones and Christmas Greens will add a stylish, warm, and relaxing feeling to every dining room. Adorn the table with this excellent winter centerpiece to create a pleasant, warm, and personalized touch of holiday mealtime memories.

  1. Holiday Rose Splendor (H-4025)

Don’t count out the roses.  For a winter centerpiece that’s romantic yet undeniably cheerful, you can’t go wrong with this combination. Oriental Stargazer Lilies, and Christmas Greens are adorned with a deluxe ribbon bow adding both color and elegance to any dining table set up.

Still undecided? Well, head on over to the Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts website for even more options—you’re sure to find something for this year’s Winter dinners!

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Steps to Keeping Your Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

What we’d give to preserve things that give us the most pleasurable feelings: photographs, CDs of favorite songs and movies, clothes worn on important events, and, yes, flowers you received during special occasions!

Sadly, fresh flowers don’t last forever. Yet neither does that delicious dinner you had last night. However, here are some tips to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Experienced and professional florists such as Fiesta Flowers have in-depth knowledge of floral care. They have their flowers cut and shipped from the farms on the same day to ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts takes care of the professional aspects of seeing to it that you get the longest-lasting, freshest flowers available:  specific flower food for each type of flower, CO2 filters in their coolers, Quick Dip that encourages the stem to take in as much nutrient as possible, and Hawaiian Mist spray for their nourishment from inside out.

For your part, here’s what you can do:

Wash your vase.

Using a sponge, thoroughly wash your vase with hot water and a small amount of bleach. Then let it dry naturally upside down. Don’t use a towel. This is to ensure that no bacteria are present when you pour water into the vase.

Know how much water to use.

Flowers with predominantly woody stems like Roses or Hydrangea are heavy drinkers, so fill the vase full. Those with soft stems like Calla Lilies & Tulips like their water shallow, so fill a vase just under half.

Cut the stems.

Place the stems against your vase to determine the right height to cut. You may use pruning shears, clippers, knives, or sharp scissors to trim up to two inches off the stem at a deep angle. This allows more surface area for the flower to uptake more food and water. Just make sure you cut cleanly and do not crush the stems.

Be sure to cut at an angle. This allows for efficient water intake since the bottom of the stem does not sit flat on the bottom of the vase. Place the flowers into the water immediately once cut. Trim every other day.

Prune them.

You must remove leaves that dip below the waterline.  Check for loose or dead leaves and petals daily to prevent bacterial rot.

Keep them hydrated.

Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water. You may add a sachet of flower food. Be sure to follow mixing instructions on the packet so you don’t have a mixture that’s too diluted or too concentrated. Usually, one sachet is good for a liter of water. Clean the vase and change the water every two days.

Keep them away from too much heat.

Direct sunlight, open windows, heating vents, and ceiling fans can cause flowers to wilt quickly. Place your flowers in a cool room away from window sills, radiators, and appliances that generate heat.
Don’t place your flowers near a bowl of fruits. Ethylene gas released by ripening fruits reduces the longevity of your blooms.


There are common household items you can use to make flowers last longer.  Check these out:


Clear Soda.

Sugar in soda makes your blooms last longer and smell sweeter. A ¼ cup of clear soda mixed into your vase water should be enough for your arrangement.


Copper acts as acidifiers which fight bacteria. Copper also promotes a nice big bloom.


Do you want your flowers to stay fresh for longer than 6-10 days? Put them in the middle section of your fridge every night for up to 8 hours until the following day.

Flower food.

Flower food is specifically formulated to feed your flowers perfectly. These ingredients create a mixture that’s the perfect environment for your fresh bouquets.

Clear spirits.

A few drops of vodka, rum, gin, or tequila added to your vase water will inhibit ethylene production, a gas that helps plants mature. Therefore, less ethylene, less wilting.


A ¼ teaspoon of bleach will prevent your vase water from being cloudy. Bleach also stops bacterial growth.


Aspirin lowers the pH level which makes water easier to absorb through the stem. Aspirin slows down the plant’s aging and wilting. Prepare your vase water with a piece of crushed aspirin before arranging your bouquet.

Apple cider vinegar and sugar.

Vinegar has antibacterial properties and sugar works as flower food. Mix 2 tablespoons each of vinegar and sugar into the vase before placing your flowers. Make sure that the cut stems are covered by 4 inches of the solution.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Flowers for Hanukkah

This year’s Hanukkah or Jewish Festival of Lights will be held on the 2nd through the 10th of December. Stemming from the Jewish term “dedication,” Hanukkah is typically celebrated with the lighting of a Menorah (a nine-branched candelabra), Spin the Dreidel game, fried goodies like pancakes, gift-giving especially for children, chocolate coins or gelt, and classic flower arrangements. Historically, the Hanukkah festival commemorates the miraculous day when the Jews won the battle over religion against the Greeks approximately 2,000 years ago.

Closely related to the Christmas season, Hanukkah is associated with the colors white and blue. These colors bring tranquility and peacefulness in the midst of a snowy Christmas atmosphere.

The Hanukkah spirit is made more alive with the sight of classic white and blue floral arrangements. Among the most popular flowers for Hanukkah are elegant arrangements of white lilies, blends of white carnations and white Roses, and bouquets of blue Delphinium and blue Iris. Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts offers a variety of delightful and fresh floral arrangements that bring life to the Hanukkah celebration.

White Lilies

The Hanukkah Festival would not be complete without classic white Lilies. These delicate blooms are already beautiful on their own. Still, Fiesta Flowers offers the most stylish bouquets of white Lilies blended with blue and green accents and smaller white flowers for a fresher and more polished vibe. White Lilies add timeless sophistication to the Hanukkah Festival. Lilies symbolize the miracles celebrated this season.

White Carnations

Simple white Carnations, which symbolize the light of the celebration, can be mixed with stems of lavender for a softer look. The lavender would bring a modern twist to a classic floral arrangement. White Carnations highlight the purity, divine light, and triumph symbolized in the festival.


A bouquet of either white or red Roses is another classic floral piece for the Hanukkah Festival. These classic beauties exude a modern elegant vibe when mixed with green accents. Others prefer a combination of different-colored roses for a more festive look. Roses are a wonderful symbolism of the cheer and joy enveloped in the Hanukkah spirit. The Rose itself represents hope, promise, and new beginnings amidst the “thorns” faced by the Jews 2,000 years ago.

Blue Delphinium

Lovely pieces of blue Delphinium can be mixed with white Lilies for highlights. They can also be added with some purple blooms to accentuate their deep blue shade. A vase of blue Delphiniums can be added with glittery gold accents to suit modern times. This kind of bouquet is the perfect symbolism of truth and purity as well as calmness and peace. Blue Delphinium represents encouragement and joy in the midst of remembering past events in life.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris have a strikingly crisp color that perfectly blends with the signature white blooms of the Hanukkah Festival. Blue Iris is perfect when mixed with large white Lilies and white Roses and accented with silver and gold pinecones. Some evergreens would also add a symbolism of the abundance celebrated during this holiday. A bouquet of blue Iris conveys a message of faith, hope, courage, and freedom — four of the most important virtues celebrated during the Festival of Light.

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